Driving While On Fire

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  1. Daniel Sambar

    Daniel Sambar

    5 maanden geleden

    Don’t mind him, he’s just time-travelling.

    • Blaise Dobson

      Blaise Dobson

      13 dagen geleden

      Daniel Sambar id be better if he was in a delorian and was going 88 mph

    • axre plays

      axre plays

      20 dagen geleden

      Daniel Sambar lol

    • DatDankPug


      22 dagen geleden

      Roll the Back to the Future music



      25 dagen geleden

      I thought you were only on twitter!

    • DopeBangin Junt

      DopeBangin Junt

      29 dagen geleden

      Matchbox or hot wheels ?

  2. vickimon


    Dag geleden

    stop showing stupid animal videos. not worth the 4 seconds show more interesting human stuff

  3. Jœ Mæmæ

    Jœ Mæmæ

    Dag geleden

    I wonder if the Corgi is terrified, happy or in pain

  4. KLR Nxlxn

    KLR Nxlxn

    Dag geleden

    What if the mushroom “blood” isn’t what you think it is

  5. GLOW


    Dag geleden

    2:34 they actually having intercourse

  6. Frederik Strøm

    Frederik Strøm

    Dag geleden

    2:35 u spin my head right round right round.

  7. Dwyane Andrei Inciong

    Dwyane Andrei Inciong

    2 dagen geleden

    DDOI is the best NLplayerr

  8. WolfCat101


    2 dagen geleden

    nobody: *florida men:* 0:09

  9. kaylawuvscookies


    2 dagen geleden

    So exactly how much of your content is straight ripped from caters news?

  10. ryaku5


    2 dagen geleden

    That ladder thing was so dang cool. The wolf pup at the end just melted my heart.

  11. pancakes_ pie

    pancakes_ pie

    2 dagen geleden

    1:23 got me dying 😂😂😂😂😂

  12. xXPandamoniusXx


    2 dagen geleden

    That cat be looking like a lion

  13. The King of Antarctica

    The King of Antarctica

    3 dagen geleden

    I guarantee the first guy was playing Initial D on his speaker

  14. Striker306 Boyle

    Striker306 Boyle

    3 dagen geleden

    Some guy: Yo dude your cars on fire! The person driving: *v i b e*

  15. Antonio Oberes

    Antonio Oberes

    3 dagen geleden

    The driver must be listening to Eminem

  16. the radical left 124

    the radical left 124

    4 dagen geleden

    Ghost rider takes over a car

  17. DatKawaiiPenguin


    4 dagen geleden

    Did anyone notice at the first second of each of his videos there is a click, it might be a click of a microphone turning on but listen at 0:00!!!

  18. Chris Trudell

    Chris Trudell

    4 dagen geleden

    Actually the driver is dragging a meteorite

  19. Risandi 08

    Risandi 08

    4 dagen geleden

    Ghost rider using a camouflage....

  20. aab 33717

    aab 33717

    4 dagen geleden

    If mushrooms ruled the world, this video would be rated R

  21. Jibs


    4 dagen geleden

    The dog said😳

  22. Abby Jaded

    Abby Jaded

    4 dagen geleden

    This brings “Hot Wheels” to another level.

  23. Summer Terry

    Summer Terry

    5 dagen geleden

    Dannng that's hot ;)))

  24. oznek bonita

    oznek bonita

    5 dagen geleden

    Going so fast

  25. washington50


    5 dagen geleden


  26. peter luck

    peter luck

    5 dagen geleden

    maybe that he prevented fire from speadring by keep driving the car

  27. X3PHER


    6 dagen geleden

    0:07 Normal Beings : Cool Me~ an intellectual : *Initial D - Night of Fire starts playing*

  28. My name here

    My name here

    6 dagen geleden

    Person in the car on fire:*looks down* oh well looks like I have to change my oil

  29. S2 Animations

    S2 Animations

    7 dagen geleden

    Its so drunk dudes dont attempt to crash it him on purpose. this dude is more than a legend.

  30. Banana Dio

    Banana Dio

    7 dagen geleden

    Just a normal day in probably Florida

  31. Survival2K


    8 dagen geleden

    0:12 They Just need to reach 88 MPH

  32. h i

    h i

    8 dagen geleden

    I will come back to this comment. in 2 months

  33. Mihai Matei

    Mihai Matei

    8 dagen geleden

    Ghost rider, is that you?

  34. Get ur sausage

    Get ur sausage

    8 dagen geleden

    Ghostrider when he gets a car

  35. Live Soccer World etc

    Live Soccer World etc

    8 dagen geleden

    So that's how we catch 🐍

  36. Warfares Memes Commenting

    Warfares Memes Commenting

    8 dagen geleden

    *Fast and Furious deleted scene*

  37. Russel Walker

    Russel Walker

    8 dagen geleden

    0:20 Look... a random scared shitless doggo

  38. Apple Studios

    Apple Studios

    9 dagen geleden

    Back to the Future went to the next level

  39. James Benjamin

    James Benjamin

    9 dagen geleden

    What's in this video?

  40. Racoondle Noondle

    Racoondle Noondle

    9 dagen geleden

    “Hot wheels”

  41. watty -

    watty -

    10 dagen geleden

    I like the fact that he never use fake thumbnails

  42. wiigamez12345


    10 dagen geleden

    Someone:*sees a car on fire Also him:well tHaTS NoRMaL Honks* on fire bRo

  43. FloofyAnimates


    10 dagen geleden

    He’s Just Playing With Hotwheels

  44. C H I L L I N G

    C H I L L I N G

    10 dagen geleden

    I love your videos my headache is gone and I feel good

  45. Harry Mark

    Harry Mark

    10 dagen geleden

    Now that’s what you call “hot wheels”

  46. SymplySn1pez


    11 dagen geleden

    Plot twist IT WASNT A CAT

  47. Kono_Diavalo _Da

    Kono_Diavalo _Da

    11 dagen geleden

    Dont make me cry 1:48

  48. DapperJazz


    11 dagen geleden

    Ah yes, Crowley’s just taking a different car.

  49. David Dang

    David Dang

    11 dagen geleden

    1:45 at first I thought this is tromp

  50. GoodStar Gaming

    GoodStar Gaming

    12 dagen geleden

    It's called Hot Wheels

  51. argfasfgasf


    12 dagen geleden

    2:53 *checkmate* vegans.

  52. SA TU RN

    SA TU RN

    12 dagen geleden

    You are my daily dose of drug omg i love uuuuu

  53. Pepethe Meme

    Pepethe Meme

    12 dagen geleden

    That was my brother?!

  54. zDEITY


    12 dagen geleden

    I'm not gonna lie by looking at the thumbnail I thought it was a wastegate exit

  55. random Lamborghini guy lambo

    random Lamborghini guy lambo

    12 dagen geleden

    When you have have a bad gas leak💥

  56. Cheese


    12 dagen geleden

    It's called hot wheels

  57. Ethan Earp

    Ethan Earp

    13 dagen geleden

    Zach King is the king of zachs.

  58. Rundllx32


    13 dagen geleden

    heres a cat that does look like ron perlman

  59. No Life Cheater

    No Life Cheater

    13 dagen geleden

    *Hot Wheels.*

  60. Gilardo Ebido

    Gilardo Ebido

    13 dagen geleden

    Hot wheels on steroids yesss