'Humiliation’ needed to deal with Extinction Rebellion activists

Sky News host Andrew Bolt has suggested trying 'humiliation’ as a tactic to deal with difficult Extinction Rebellion activists who are causing chaos in our city streets.


  1. Freddy Krueger

    Freddy Krueger

    Uur geleden

    Do what us Brits did this week...grab them &beat them 😬👊💥 don't climb our tube trains 😁😁

  2. Link Knight

    Link Knight

    3 uur geleden

    Let's start dacking them all. And if you can't get close enough.... garden rake....

  3. Православље Maxboy50

    Православље Maxboy50

    3 uur geleden

    In America, many people just drive into these rats and leave, they need that in Australia.

  4. no idea

    no idea

    4 uur geleden

    We live in an autistic society. All these ‘protesters’ want is attention

  5. tuberobotto


    5 uur geleden

    Wow, idiots and morons just found a new way to commit suicide instead of the usual poison taking, hanging one's self, jumping from high buildings, and they get televised too. Amazing what extent brainless zombies will go just to get that "viral" trend going. I think Kerry Anne Kennerly is quite correct, just leave those things to their devices and see who cries to mama first. 😜😜😜

  6. USN Corpsman

    USN Corpsman

    5 uur geleden

    Block the streets-go to jail

  7. JetRanger47


    6 uur geleden

    Pot hole fillers would be more appropriate than speed bumps.

  8. John Cunha

    John Cunha

    7 uur geleden

    I think Kerry could be the next p.m., I would vote for her... jail them for 6 months per time big fines and jail time criminal records....

  9. Susan Wilson

    Susan Wilson

    8 uur geleden

    🤡👏👏love this lady...yep leave them there for sure....👍🏻 Then get out the paint balls and “have at er...” as we say here in Canada.

  10. tumarfa


    8 uur geleden

    In short: Far leftists have lost all sense of humour.

  11. Crystal Phoenix

    Crystal Phoenix

    8 uur geleden

    Maybe whoever criticised Kerry Anne Kennerly should criticise Antifa, hmm? No? Hypocrites. 😏

  12. Trevor Random

    Trevor Random

    9 uur geleden

    There's a lot of irony in the whole Exhibition Rebellion movement!

  13. Britishshooter


    11 uur geleden

    I totally agree with Kerri-Anne Kennerley! Leave the bastards where they are until they do become extinct! I would bring in the water cannons with a bright red stain in the water to match their Socialist agenda. Blow the bastards off the road and arrest anyone stained in red en-masse. Just like this bloke would do in this hilarious book I found last week on Amazon about an ex Special Forces officer taking over the PC riddled UK because he gets so pissed off, LOL! @t

  14. Andreas Hämäläinen

    Andreas Hämäläinen

    12 uur geleden

    New rule: Gluing yourself to the street is consent for a golden shower.

  15. Lorry Camill

    Lorry Camill

    12 uur geleden

    No one should risk people for these idiots to save them ,just throw more glue on top of them and let there parents release them ,and then fine them

  16. Jon Hazell

    Jon Hazell

    13 uur geleden

    Eggs and flour will do the trick, they're stuck there so that'll be fun :)

  17. Natalie Ghiggioli

    Natalie Ghiggioli

    14 uur geleden

    On ya Kerri Anne

  18. Matthew Hudson

    Matthew Hudson

    15 uur geleden

    Leave them glued so people can give them a good kicking it’s what they deserve I understand why they are doing it and think yes they should protest for a day not 2weeks like they are doing in London.

  19. Martin Mouncher

    Martin Mouncher

    17 uur geleden

    No, using them as speed bumps is wrong.... Just drive at the cunts full throttle, that should do it!!

  20. Aus Bare

    Aus Bare

    17 uur geleden

    I do not think it would have damaged the train any to run over him.

  21. 10 Hammers

    10 Hammers

    19 uur geleden

    They should have to pay for emergency services as it is a burden on working class taxpayers who are being inconvenienced by their hijinks.

  22. optizap


    20 uur geleden

    A lot of people in Denial in this comment section.

  23. m I o . o I m

    m I o . o I m

    20 uur geleden

    probably easier to just pave over them. Speed humps slow cars and can potentially save lives. As for this lot? That's not a life.... is it?

  24. charlielondon72


    20 uur geleden


  25. Nick Dawson

    Nick Dawson

    21 uur geleden

    haha how straight and ignorant and nasty all your comments are i hope climate change destroys yous and your selfish consumer kids (especially if yous watch this supposed propaganda channel

  26. Jean-Louis Bourgeois

    Jean-Louis Bourgeois

    21 uur geleden

    Speed bumps FTW! Not only very inexpensive, but *_extremely efficient._*

  27. Tomcat Hamilton

    Tomcat Hamilton

    23 uur geleden

    Some body needs to take a monster dump on one of them.lol.😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷

  28. Red Knight 2014

    Red Knight 2014

    Dag geleden

    Put them in a military boot camp - that would straighten them out!

  29. Lillian Miller

    Lillian Miller

    Dag geleden

    Why is not social media outraged about the waste of police services. Her joke was funny. People need to get a sense of humour

  30. Belly dancer samba dancer Sandrine

    Belly dancer samba dancer Sandrine

    Dag geleden

    “Non-violent”?!? Spraying fake blood and talking about Death all day... Schizophrenic behaviour, trauma-inducing behaviour....

  31. I own a Fender

    I own a Fender

    Dag geleden

    It’s called protesting, the whole point is to get noticed. Australian tv is really brainwashing. Get these old wankers off the tv, ffs.

    • Carmel O'Hara

      Carmel O'Hara

      22 uur geleden

      I own a Fender, We notice the idiots, they are plain to be seen, uneducated imbeciles that follow their masters orders, absolute idiots. The intelligent world laughs at them and their dramatics. Australian TV, well done to you for speaking the truth,, the imbeciles need a good slap on the head to make them see reality!

  32. Lookit Demskies

    Lookit Demskies

    Dag geleden

    It is low IQ and indolence that prevents these alarmists from investigating the "climate change" data and, as an extension, realizing that they've been used. And by a malevolence long accustomed to duping just such intellectually lazy zealots who stir up the optimistic fear among their peers, so infectious is "true faith". Therefore those same factors prevent them from divining irony from intent, or even worse, lies from truth.

    • Carmel O'Hara

      Carmel O'Hara

      22 uur geleden

      Lookit Demskies - you have spoken the truth!

  33. Bobby8270


    Dag geleden

    Why can’t our uk news be like your news. It’s a sad day when I have to rely on another country to get a good news report.

  34. josh656


    Dag geleden

    Go be communist someplace else!

  35. josh656


    Dag geleden

    Go be communist someplace else!

  36. josh656


    Dag geleden

    Go be communist someplace else!

  37. Lucian Samsel

    Lucian Samsel

    Dag geleden

    The most spoiled, lazy generation in human history wants to go back to a time where survival depends on your ability to adapt and overcome. LOL!! A FISH DOESN'T KNOW IT'S WET.

  38. Debbi Le Cornu

    Debbi Le Cornu

    Dag geleden

    Should leave them stuck forever do us all a favour

  39. r ll

    r ll

    Dag geleden

    great idea, use these assholes as speed bumps.

  40. r ll

    r ll

    Dag geleden

    beat these assholes up with billy clubs and tear gas, they will get the warm and fuzzy message. fucking commies they are

  41. Endangered Dangerous

    Endangered Dangerous

    Dag geleden

    The very fact you all woke up this morning. Took a shit, flushed the toilet. Then maybe switched a light on. Flicked the kettle on, made a tea/coffee. Changed your babies shitty nappy, that will end up on a landfill. Had a shower, used electric, gas and water, shampoo shower gel. Took another piss. Took your dog out. Put the shit in a bag and placed the shit in a plastic bin. Then, either got on a train, bus, plane. Got your mate to drop you off IN A CAR.! Went down to London or city/town/village with cigarettes/vape/with your phone (made in china). Adding more carbon monoxide, and your backpack with plastic hooks and nylon, custom water bottle, umbrella, usual backpack shit. Had another piss. Made a board with a stick from a forest. Wrote on the board that you'll eventually throw in a bin at some point, with some ink that you'll throw in a bin at some point, in someone else's town. Then decide you need food from a retailer, threw the waste in a bin. IN SOMEONE ELSES TOWN!!!!!. Got on another train and headed towards your protest. Then walked down an already heavily congested city street with already bad levels of poisoning air. Cars all sitting around in traffic jams, that you created all sitting on idle.) Tell the twats in the military that spent years testing nuclear missiles IN THE FUCKIN THOUSANDS. tell it to the fuckin idiots in fukafuckedupshima. that have recently decided its gonna be a good idea to pour spent RADIATED cooling water into their own sea water. tell it to the millions of lottery winners who go n buy big homes and big cars. and think because they got cash they are somehow above anyone else. tell it to yourself every time you take a shit, or switch on a light, go to work, tell it to the people who decide its ok to drag a truck up a track with tons of diesel smoke pouring from the exhausts. Or you could be one of the scientists travelling to Alaska where a big boat with tons of diesel. That will cut another hole through the ice just to get where it needs to get too. Loaded up with food with packaging and a big empty shit tank waiting to be filled. Will split yet another iceberg in two pieces or drill a hole, watch some really pretty calving look at it, tell you all there is a problem, then come home again. Will then present the finding to a meeting "IN SOMEONE ELSE'S CUNTRY". Where hundreds will come to have the findings presented to them. ^SEE IN BRACKETS FOR A REPEAT^ Hope you can see where this is going. And the point I'm making. We are fucked. It's too little too late. To many humans. To many planes trains and automobiles, too many greedy people not prepared to change. Your a needle in the Atlantic ocean. the radiation we have left behind will take 250.000 years to disappear. You'd have been better off staying in bed and not going to work. And got some hacker to only show your message on every phone, laptop, pad. PC n TV. THANKYOU FOR INCREASING THE POLLUTION BY ONE DAY. Leave the earth to do its thing i beg you. Its inevitable you cant stop it. Its too little to late. every time you do anything your just adding to it. In order for this world to repair its self. Humans need to fuck off. END OF! have a nice day. leave the earth to do its thing i beg you. you cant stop it. its too little to late.

  42. bart roberts

    bart roberts

    Dag geleden

    We use to Complain about the Weather!Worked for US!Using Glue to address Weather seems like a College Educated thing!Brilliant!

  43. Paul Webster

    Paul Webster

    Dag geleden

    In my opinion, all the passengers on the trains on the Bowen Hills line should have been allowed to queue up in front of that idiot on the train tracks and give him a kick up the backside as they filed past, while shouting at him to go do something useful with his life. I normally commute to work by public transport. When I hear the Extinction Ratbags are in town, I drive my car, on my own, via longer alternative routes instead to avoid the delays through the city. Good work Climate Douches! You're causing an increase in carbon emissions.

  44. dawn morrall

    dawn morrall

    Dag geleden

    Your an extremist if you try to help wake ppl up to help the earth? 🌍

  45. Yellow Hills

    Yellow Hills

    Dag geleden

    Silly old fart still has a job.

  46. Franz Huber

    Franz Huber

    Dag geleden

    Run over one of them. It would be fun seeing this morons explode.

  47. Chrissy Detroit

    Chrissy Detroit

    Dag geleden


  48. Cat Jackson

    Cat Jackson

    Dag geleden

    Bloody terrorists they are, a cult of attention seeking lunatics, in the UK and utterly fed up of these jackasses.

  49. dumbo7429


    Dag geleden

    Good on them..love how they trigger you infantile snivlers.

  50. John Connors 111

    John Connors 111

    Dag geleden

    Ask them to give up their polluting cell phones. They would quit instantly. Waaa!!!

  51. Midnight Rideress

    Midnight Rideress

    Dag geleden

    Don't help them. They want to do crazy shit? Let those attention whores piss their own pants and let their friends help them. It's not like self harm, where a mentally ill person can't help her/him self to cut the arms or something. It's pure attention whorism and "Look at me I'm an activist!" They can brag about their crapped trousers for all I care!

  52. ChicagoTurtle1


    Dag geleden

    Why do these guys think we are still in the 1970s? And that they’re too smart to consider what the science is?

  53. leipe Loetje

    leipe Loetje

    Dag geleden

    The blondie 😘💪🏻🤣

  54. Newenlightenmentnow


    Dag geleden

    I like what they did in London to these two shits who jumped on a commuter train. People waited patiently for the fuckers to come down. After a while people got mad, ripped the sign down, pulled the two punks into the crowd and then just kicked the shit out of them. I'd do it too. Fuck them. You may get and excuse from the train company but try handing it go your boss! It also means you have to stay late to make up the work. So yes I would beat the fuck out of them

  55. Dresden Black

    Dresden Black

    Dag geleden

    It’s wrong to think they would make good speed bumps ,obviously after a few cars went over them they would become mushy and they would smell bad,dah

  56. Vanessa Oliver

    Vanessa Oliver

    Dag geleden

    Love it, ladies got the balls to say what’s needed, leave them there!

  57. swetab singh

    swetab singh

    Dag geleden

    They r making a joke of themselves

  58. Chris Lewis

    Chris Lewis

    Dag geleden

    “Use them as speed bumps” I love it, if only.

  59. ForRealerrs


    Dag geleden

    haha go Kerry Anne Kennerley!!! Respect +1000.... A bonus 1000points for triggering the extinctino retards

  60. Arctic Seraph

    Arctic Seraph

    Dag geleden

    Fuck these assholes. Let them stay there glued and chained to what ever they've attached themselves to.