We Made Marvel R-Rated

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The Crew attempts to put their "R-rated" spin on some of Marvel's juiciest action scenes!
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  1. Corridor Crew

    Corridor Crew

    4 maanden geleden

    Stay tuned until the end for a special post-credit scene ;)

    • TroyBoy Lilbro

      TroyBoy Lilbro

      26 dagen geleden

      Corridor Crew Can you make Venom R rated

    • Lawson Kennamer

      Lawson Kennamer

      Maand geleden

      Do the hulk!

    • Mr Monkey Man

      Mr Monkey Man

      Maand geleden

      BTW, caps shield actually isn't sharp so it would still cut his throght but wouldn't cut it off

    • Bazzralic


      Maand geleden

      Skip ads to 16:30 for effects. You're welcome.

    • Chris Halliday

      Chris Halliday

      Maand geleden

      Love it!

  2. Hassan Syed

    Hassan Syed

    9 uur geleden

    The shield wouldn't slice people. It's a blunt object.

  3. Andrew Saavedra

    Andrew Saavedra

    19 uur geleden

    "... my inner Peter..." ?!?! 🤣😂🤣😂

  4. SpikeXtreme


    20 uur geleden

    The only continuity error was at 14:41 where the pool of blood disappears from the side of the truck ..but it is absolutely amazing and how the it changes the feel of the scene. Reminds me of Saving private Ryan where the screams of the injured Americans were heard, but not the Germans so not much the audience experienced biased sympathy.

  5. Mr. Toast

    Mr. Toast

    Dag geleden

    Here's the thing tho caps shield absorbs hits since its vibranium so it would cushion the fall since it absorbs the hit

  6. Reece_vint2003


    Dag geleden

    Do R rated toy story

  7. Dinosaur Films

    Dinosaur Films

    2 dagen geleden

    6:39 anyone realize the dude is already falling before the shield hit him?

  8. TimTam60


    3 dagen geleden

    Someone should buy a CD of this movie for a friend but swap it with this later and see how they react!

  9. Anthony Baldlumbo *Alternative*

    Anthony Baldlumbo *Alternative*

    3 dagen geleden

    you forgot the venom movie

  10. Taylor Ak47

    Taylor Ak47

    4 dagen geleden

    That guy predicted the future Captain falcon Ummmm endgame

  11. Chris Ahearn

    Chris Ahearn

    4 dagen geleden

    14:00 that thing does not obey the laws of physics at all

  12. Jimmy Maynard

    Jimmy Maynard

    4 dagen geleden

    Jingle all the way rated-r?

  13. Justin Tenorio

    Justin Tenorio

    4 dagen geleden


  14. Will Yfjyfgjhfhjhf

    Will Yfjyfgjhfhjhf

    4 dagen geleden

    TBH this is what would actually happen

  15. J0yb0y


    5 dagen geleden

    every marvel fans ever : "Yup, he's dead"

  16. Kitty Boy Neona

    Kitty Boy Neona

    5 dagen geleden

    Make the Batman warehouse fight scene in BVS rated R

  17. II Sparky II

    II Sparky II

    5 dagen geleden

    if it weighed as much as a planet earth wouldve been yeeted outta existence like, 5 times.

  18. M4A1


    5 dagen geleden

    At least you guys know more about science than Marvel ever will.

  19. Mark Ligon

    Mark Ligon

    6 dagen geleden

    Hard R Venom?

  20. WitherWolf33


    6 dagen geleden

    I had the weirdest idea, two snipers wearing ghille suits, but they're cardboard boxes, and they're in an Amazon Warehouse. What do you guys think.

  21. Alex Stephens

    Alex Stephens

    6 dagen geleden

    you made it sound like a game

  22. Dennis Rivera

    Dennis Rivera

    6 dagen geleden

    Rated PG Deadpool do it please

  23. Peer


    7 dagen geleden

    lol that last one. ironman doesnt give a fuck

  24. Rhayne Lyte

    Rhayne Lyte

    7 dagen geleden

    Peter you could have tried harder on that blood effect. Lazy fuck

  25. Jamal Shelton

    Jamal Shelton

    7 dagen geleden

    Can you please do the final battle scene from the third pirates of the Caribbean movie ?? That would look sick if it was R rated🙏🏾🙏🏾

  26. Drift King SK8

    Drift King SK8

    7 dagen geleden

    Alguém viu as legendas em pt-br ? Hey Corridor, someone just trolled your pt-br sub.

  27. amos mawlam

    amos mawlam

    7 dagen geleden

    Y’all need to do home alone2



    7 dagen geleden

    Loki could for sure take that pounding from the Hulk. His durability is very high level.

  29. Richard Cooper

    Richard Cooper

    8 dagen geleden

    Do a full movie

  30. 모리스


    9 dagen geleden

    What movie is that girl kissing getting obliterated from?

  31. Jason Kouch

    Jason Kouch

    9 dagen geleden

    Actual screaming: ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!! Wren:ouch

  32. Penny Graham

    Penny Graham

    9 dagen geleden

    bribrainim not metil sheild

  33. TicenikYT


    10 dagen geleden

    11:20 HGGHGHHHH, *Owie.*

  34. Lilith Calbridge

    Lilith Calbridge

    10 dagen geleden

    Tony Stark invented inertial dampers.

  35. Dominick Mitchell

    Dominick Mitchell

    10 dagen geleden

    Not a planet a star! Thors planet is equal to a sugar cube of a nuetron star at the minimum!

  36. Logie Gaming

    Logie Gaming

    10 dagen geleden

    Do the Thanos Snap Scene!

  37. Arbaaz Saqlain

    Arbaaz Saqlain

    11 dagen geleden

    Where is the video at 1:14?

  38. Aye Lex Productions

    Aye Lex Productions

    11 dagen geleden

    Do the last part of infinty war where thanos whoops the avengers asses on wakanda since hes not an earthly being it should be fun with his super strength

  39. Bradley Royer-Collard

    Bradley Royer-Collard

    11 dagen geleden

    I have a challenge and something cool for you guys to do. Make every kill from Wolverine leading up to Logan R-Rated. I think that would be awesome seeing the brutal kills of Logan in the previous movies

  40. jtphotovideo


    11 dagen geleden

    Holy shit that was too funny! In tears man