LUCKY MM2 (Roblox)

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  1. Dionni Ruffin

    Dionni Ruffin

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    TwiceXOnce Twice

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    My name p4noply

  5. B_Channel


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    Ant friends me

  6. Ya fav.sisters91

    Ya fav.sisters91

    Dag geleden

    My name is Emilylovesdimonds944 it will make my day

  7. Blackwolf Said

    Blackwolf Said

    2 dagen geleden

    Jessica12713 I wanted to be added because you are the best and I loves your videos

  8. Eden Mercado

    Eden Mercado

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  9. Alysse Broveak

    Alysse Broveak

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    Now my account is:iloveyouguyall

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    Cloudy Jayden

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  11. Irma Ramirez

    Irma Ramirez

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    I name is notyocheesie

  12. toheed iqbal

    toheed iqbal

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    aayangamer1 ismy roblox account I want to be your friend

  13. AdyanPK Robloxgamer

    AdyanPK Robloxgamer

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    AdyanPK is my roblox name

  14. Mark Samp

    Mark Samp

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    The dab is died

  15. Mark Samp

    Mark Samp

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    Don't dab is died

  16. Mark Samp

    Mark Samp

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    Ant I love you I'm name is hgw82

  17. Alaire Carter

    Alaire Carter

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    Alaireiscute7 pls I need money and I want to see yiu

    • Alaire Carter

      Alaire Carter

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  18. Alaire Carter

    Alaire Carter

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    Please friend me

  19. King Smith

    King Smith

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    Ant btw the song doesnt really match ur intro FAN !

  20. Kara Jones

    Kara Jones

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    Can have a ice wing pls

  21. Kara Jones

    Kara Jones

    4 dagen geleden

    Can have ice cream

  22. nah nah

    nah nah

    5 dagen geleden

    cow_ll so we can go 1v1

  23. yobani rubio

    yobani rubio

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    +yobanielguapobb mi profile

  24. Demi M

    Demi M

    7 dagen geleden

    Demigirlunicornspark I would love to be your friend on Roblox because then I could play with you and be able to join when you don’t have a vip server so then when your not recording we can also roplay mad I can be in ur vids

  25. Marcus Sallings

    Marcus Sallings

    8 dagen geleden

    Jmoulder761 bc you make my day and your the best NLplayerr

  26. Nicole Pavo

    Nicole Pavo

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  27. Emma Ricci

    Emma Ricci

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    ParisGemstone! I want a friend request because I'm a big fan. I've been waching your vids forba few years!! XD

  28. nicholas vargas

    nicholas vargas

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    jjvmrtg that's my user name

  29. MxssMoo MxssMeow Playz

    MxssMoo MxssMeow Playz

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    CallMeMissMeow, CallMeMissMoo. I would love to be your friends! I hope we win!

  30. Isa Capers

    Isa Capers

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    thats my brothers

  31. Isa Capers

    Isa Capers

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  32. Isa Capers

    Isa Capers

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  33. Creepers Gonna Creep

    Creepers Gonna Creep

    12 dagen geleden

    Manchild then i can become a you tuber

  34. Ahmad Khan

    Ahmad Khan

    12 dagen geleden

    Xxthedeth i play the games u play

  35. Amylee Ortiz

    Amylee Ortiz

    13 dagen geleden

    zayzayroblox19 I love your videos

  36. Aesha and Erica

    Aesha and Erica

    13 dagen geleden

    I love ur vids poke and u are my vav NLplayerr username:Galaxyleah6

    • Sadaf Zeeshan

      Sadaf Zeeshan

      9 dagen geleden

      Can I have ice wing

  37. Brook Beatman

    Brook Beatman

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  38. Jamilyn Baker

    Jamilyn Baker

    14 dagen geleden

    Imm jacksoniul

  39. Stephany Pereira

    Stephany Pereira

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    I want to be yo friend cause I want to play mm2

  40. Stephany Pereira

    Stephany Pereira

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  41. Lisa Baron

    Lisa Baron

    16 dagen geleden

    Cupcake_Potato5682 and because I never get picked and I love watching ur vids

  42. Antonio Galloro

    Antonio Galloro

    16 dagen geleden

    Reason:I love ur videos I and I wish u where my friend Username:Lucasoccer2009

  43. Eliv Vazquez

    Eliv Vazquez

    16 dagen geleden

    My roblox name is jeffetherap

    • Eliv Vazquez

      Eliv Vazquez

      16 dagen geleden

      Please friend mre ant im ur biggest fan i watch your videos evry day plz

  44. Anna Garcia

    Anna Garcia

    16 dagen geleden

    My user is CrazyGymna5t I really wanna be in your friend list because I have been a fan of you for soo long and i just wanna have fun with you :)

  45. Xavier Prather

    Xavier Prather

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  46. Keisha Sutherland

    Keisha Sutherland

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  47. James Mcnutt

    James Mcnutt

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  48. :3 Sprinklecake614 Gacha life girl

    :3 Sprinklecake614 Gacha life girl

    17 dagen geleden

    Mine is Sprinklecake613

  49. Not Available

    Not Available

    17 dagen geleden

    Theballisfast5726 I am a fan

  50. Syd Sid

    Syd Sid

    17 dagen geleden

    Diy3311 is my bc you are the best and i like your vis

  51. Bryan Cedilli

    Bryan Cedilli

    17 dagen geleden

    Love your videos

  52. Jacob Paumen

    Jacob Paumen

    18 dagen geleden

    Hello ant My name is inkbendy159 and I think your awesome

  53. Rey hraje

    Rey hraje

    18 dagen geleden

    yRiderkoofansk1 is my username ant i love your vids ant i subscribed.

  54. DRUZEB


    18 dagen geleden

    My name is jackthejock12

  55. Edwin Pafoday Kamara

    Edwin Pafoday Kamara

    19 dagen geleden

    Ant your not amazing your fantastic I subcribed punched the like button and my name in roblox is sumshine1243

  56. Alexis Herrera

    Alexis Herrera

    20 dagen geleden

    I want to be added



    20 dagen geleden

    That was so funny when u were murderer and u were Like hello cat and just killed it lol

  58. عزوز ابوليان

    عزوز ابوليان

    20 dagen geleden


  59. Nicola Bellhouse

    Nicola Bellhouse

    20 dagen geleden

    Can I be your friend ant but I have max friends I will unfriend one of them username merry-lovedogs

  60. Fanta Souaré

    Fanta Souaré

    20 dagen geleden

    My Username:Arfangtinho