LAST TO LEAVE SQUARE WINS iPHONE Challenge - Hacker PZ9 vs CWC vs Daniel for 24 Hours in Backyard

After Chad Wild Clay made FOUND PZ9 HOUSE & FACE REVEAL PICTURES! Regina Missing and Trapped In 24 Hour Escape Room Challenge, Vy Qwaint created I'm TRAPPED in a HACKERS HOUSE for 24 Hours! PZ9 Escape Room is a Hello Neighbor Game Challenge! and Daniel & Regina uploaded HACKER INVADES OUR SAFE HOUSE! Spy Ninjas DIY Crafts Prank Wars Challenge In Real Life on the Exposing Project Zorgo NLplayer channel, ex Project Zorgo member, PZ9, also named Melvin's did a face reveal! Or so we thought. There were pictures at his safe house but it seems like we were tricked! It was all a trap we learned after saving Regina from a secret hidden room. Vy made a mistake and lost her iPhone X. It went missing! Now PZ9 has access to it and if can hack her NLplayer channel. PZ9 challenged us to a Last To Leave Circle challenge except this time it was a 24 hour overnight challenge at 3am involving a square. We had to dodge nerf blasters and use our spy ninja skills to defeat PZ9. We even did a Battle Royale without leaving our squares! We weren't able to play video games like Fortnite or Minecraft so gaming and gameplay were out of the question for this challenge. I hope we can win $10,000 and get Vy's phone back. It seems like she is hiding a big secret on her phone too. Thank you for watching my entertainment comedy videos in 2019!
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  1. Chad Wild Clay

    Chad Wild Clay

    6 maanden geleden

    We need to WIN Vy's iPhone back! Who do you think can stay in the Square the longest?

    • Aurelio Andrade

      Aurelio Andrade

      8 dagen geleden

      Chad asdfghjkl

    • ramon hurtadocutico46

      ramon hurtadocutico46

      Maand geleden

      Pz9 the loser

    • Freddie Davis

      Freddie Davis

      Maand geleden


    • Michael Dolton

      Michael Dolton

      2 maanden geleden


    • suglug


      2 maanden geleden

      Halo Fauntleroy

  2. Rose Baker

    Rose Baker

    3 minuten geleden

    Vy boyfriend is Daniel

  3. Sarah Tod

    Sarah Tod

    Uur geleden

    Your not soposted to laso pz 9 by the neck i think it hurt bad but work

  4. Sarah Tod

    Sarah Tod

    Uur geleden

    That feels like bully

  5. alecia martinez

    alecia martinez

    Uur geleden

    do not be pa 2 fan

  6. Jamar Yeldell

    Jamar Yeldell

    3 uur geleden

    The same number is. 0870

  7. Laila Gymnast

    Laila Gymnast

    5 uur geleden

    PZ9 cheated because when he combined the squares he wasn’t in his square he was in Daniel’s

  8. Nexen Angub

    Nexen Angub

    6 uur geleden

    chad is the best, your gonna get 10,000 dollar

  9. Mazen Moussa

    Mazen Moussa

    6 uur geleden

    Chad is a loser

  10. Mazen Moussa

    Mazen Moussa

    6 uur geleden


  11. alan Qadir

    alan Qadir

    10 uur geleden

    I subscribed to pz9

  12. alan Qadir

    alan Qadir

    10 uur geleden

    There was someone in the house at 15:55 in This video

  13. fathiya basabra

    fathiya basabra

    11 uur geleden


  14. Kaye Abella

    Kaye Abella

    12 uur geleden

    I subscribe to pz9 for so long

  15. Mario Ernesto Renteria Zurita

    Mario Ernesto Renteria Zurita

    17 uur geleden

    I know what pz9 looks like

  16. Mario Ernesto Renteria Zurita

    Mario Ernesto Renteria Zurita

    17 uur geleden


  17. Santos Antonio

    Santos Antonio

    17 uur geleden

    Peey znaye mame meiven

  18. Santos Antonio

    Santos Antonio

    17 uur geleden

    Get vy foune

  19. Santos Antonio

    Santos Antonio

    17 uur geleden

    Go chad go

  20. Santos Antonio

    Santos Antonio

    17 uur geleden

    Get vy foune

  21. Mohammad Braish

    Mohammad Braish

    18 uur geleden

    Believe in Melvin🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃

  22. Deepti Gautam

    Deepti Gautam

    19 uur geleden

    HD jd ie

  23. Orville Richards

    Orville Richards

    22 uur geleden

    Love chad and vy

  24. Blake Carter

    Blake Carter

    22 uur geleden

    I love you guys👻👻👻

  25. Mehdi Abrar

    Mehdi Abrar

    23 uur geleden


  26. Mehdi Abrar

    Mehdi Abrar

    23 uur geleden


  27. Chris Arrand

    Chris Arrand

    Dag geleden

    I love you so much for not getting Pulled out of the sqer

  28. SheIsPetite


    Dag geleden


  29. Maria Ortiz

    Maria Ortiz

    Dag geleden

    Chad and vy i saw projeg zorgo hous.

  30. Esmeralda Gastelum

    Esmeralda Gastelum

    Dag geleden

    Somewon was on the back round in 15:27

  31. Casey Cambo

    Casey Cambo

    Dag geleden

    I love the spy ninger your the best ❤🧡💛💚💙💜💗💖😍😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘😘🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞

  32. Eric Durpos

    Eric Durpos

    Dag geleden

    I will love you guys for every single day of my life.

  33. Yadira Reinoso

    Yadira Reinoso

    Dag geleden

    PZ9 GIVE BACK VY ‘s PHONE!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Thomas Graham

    Thomas Graham

    Dag geleden

    you are so cool

  35. Craig Brown

    Craig Brown

    Dag geleden

    Check behind you

  36. Claire Hiam

    Claire Hiam

    Dag geleden

    I het pz4

  37. Lauren Smith

    Lauren Smith

    Dag geleden

    I love you video so much 😊 😘 😘

    • Lauren Smith

      Lauren Smith

      Dag geleden

      The haker no were I live

  38. R s

    R s

    Dag geleden


  39. Gia Manasco

    Gia Manasco

    2 dagen geleden

    And chad you are a big jumper too

  40. Gia Manasco

    Gia Manasco

    2 dagen geleden

    Chad Daniel is a big jumper

  41. Sunara Walker

    Sunara Walker

    2 dagen geleden


  42. Orida Khan

    Orida Khan

    2 dagen geleden

    I want you to win

  43. Random Peeps197

    Random Peeps197

    2 dagen geleden

    5:12 Daniel its a square

  44. Ros Clarke

    Ros Clarke

    2 dagen geleden

    I am mad at qz2

  45. Haydin Cooper

    Haydin Cooper

    2 dagen geleden

    Chad you are a cheater you did that to pz9

  46. Hi Hi

    Hi Hi

    2 dagen geleden

    Look in the window of the safe house

  47. E. Selway

    E. Selway

    2 dagen geleden

    Be hind you pz4 wait what is she filming

  48. Tweetams Viola

    Tweetams Viola

    2 dagen geleden

    hey chad PZ9's real name melvin so now you dont need to know what is PZ9's name

  49. Uniquei Luis

    Uniquei Luis

    2 dagen geleden

    Nooo don't trust him

  50. Tara Caruthers

    Tara Caruthers

    2 dagen geleden

    Don’t trust him.

    • Zinnia Sabroe

      Zinnia Sabroe

      2 dagen geleden


  51. Nasir Abubakar

    Nasir Abubakar

    3 dagen geleden

    Pz9 name is melvin

  52. Faiz 1306

    Faiz 1306

    3 dagen geleden

    Yes pz9 win

  53. Trinnette Brown

    Trinnette Brown

    3 dagen geleden

    Chad you can do it

  54. Luke Kroupa

    Luke Kroupa

    3 dagen geleden


  55. Luke Kroupa

    Luke Kroupa

    3 dagen geleden


  56. Malcolm Wheeler

    Malcolm Wheeler

    3 dagen geleden


  57. Ishaq U

    Ishaq U

    3 dagen geleden

    Just get out pz9

  58. Kayla Muscat

    Kayla Muscat

    3 dagen geleden

    Chad please can you do me a south out I beg you please

  59. Clare Pritchard

    Clare Pritchard

    3 dagen geleden

    please tell my son daniel i love him from mom



    3 dagen geleden

    hi chad