Vietnam War, 1970: CBS camera rolls as platoon comes under fire

In March of 1970, CBS News correspondent Richard Threlkeld was embedded with a platoon patrolling the jungles of Vietnam near Cambodia. The GI's came under fire from North Vietnamese forces as Threlkeld’s crew documented the intense firefight. This original report aired on the “CBS Evening News” on March 27, 1970.


  1. Frank289100


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  2. MrGhostman666


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    Just read about this in Sergeant Kregg Jorgenson's book- Acceptable Loss. What a Absolutely legend. Respect from Nepal.

  3. Chris Tos

    Chris Tos

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    This looks like rambo man, respect to the soldiers

  4. Al Milani

    Al Milani

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    All those good American men killed and wounded for nothing and the stupidity continues to this day

  5. Scotti


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    I had the privilege to read the point man's personal account of his time in Vietnam it's called acceptable loss I recommend you read his book you won't be disappointed

  6. ManishRaj singh Tomar

    ManishRaj singh Tomar

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    What they were injected with before going in there? 🤔

  7. Lewis Taylor

    Lewis Taylor

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    woo hoo

  8. Fightrec


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    Usa: u kids gona be heroes Kids: whos invading us Usa: dont matter ur drafted

  9. Argyle


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    Just bought the point man's book! off to Vietnam in March next year...I'll read it when I visit the battlefield sites🖒

  10. Danny Mathis

    Danny Mathis

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    Right there is the greatest generation.

  11. Jean-Luc Martel

    Jean-Luc Martel

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    I was honestly starting to think this was staged. then I looked at their faces, they were too scared for this to be fake.

  12. R McElhaney

    R McElhaney

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    At a garage sale I had a few months ago, one of my customers was a Vietnam Vet who was with his Vietnamese wife whom he had met while fighting in Vietnam. The vet's wife told me she blames France for South Vietnam's fall and hates France with a passion.

  13. KLASS podcast

    KLASS podcast

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    christ boomers are stupid

  14. Michael USS Wisconsin

    Michael USS Wisconsin

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    They actually show ground forces doing work.

  15. Kylee Alanna

    Kylee Alanna

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    That comforting hair ruffle at 4:14.💔😭

  16. R B

    R B

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    That’s a tough sumbitch shot in both legs and calm as a cloud giving a interview

  17. Captain John

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  18. Joseph Hinton

    Joseph Hinton

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    To paraphrase Sam Giancana, a bunch of saps putting their lives on the line so a few fat cats can get rich. The heroism is in the minds of the duped soldiers and the U.S. population. Well, fortunately, not all of them at the time. Maybe today in 20191009. Kudos to the brave men and journalists. That bravery was real.

  19. João Vítor Prado

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  20. Colin


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    Jorgy.. Well he ended up staying for a full tour. He wrote a book about his time there.

  21. Jose Flores

    Jose Flores

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    The boricua warrior, Delvalle making it happen , i give my full respect to everyone who performed well under the gun. True big balls.

  22. Jose Flores

    Jose Flores

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    Delvalle puertorican doc saving lives during the fighting. Where was trump, oh under his rich daddys nuts! Sad truth.💯 boricua

  23. Robsevol


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    "I'm 7 months in country now and already got 3 Purple Hearts, I don't need a fourth". Respect!

  24. S Jones

    S Jones

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    Our media today should be ashamed.

  25. Tweety Kid

    Tweety Kid

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    I remember that footage was on the evening news a lot. When I said on the ingernef that it helped us understand the cost of war, there were self appointed experts who said it did not happen that way. No footage was allowed. That was in defense of GWB deciding that war footage like this would not be broadcast. But it was good it was broadcast. That is why Vietnam was so real to us. Nobody kept the press from covering it.

  26. Michael


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    There should be a new rule in warfare That mean leaders who actually declare war like us presidents should be made to fight on the frontlines along side the brave soldiers

    • Jamie Head

      Jamie Head

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  27. firefeem


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    When journalists were real journalist. Now they sit behind a keyboard burning people down for a tweet from when they were 12.

    • Jamie Head

      Jamie Head

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  28. Iso Gyro

    Iso Gyro

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    I don’t understand politics, can someone break it down for me.

  29. Mike S.

    Mike S.

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    the reporter wearing the most fire camo pattern to ever drop

    • Just _me

      Just _me

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      Its called tiger stripe, usually used by special forces at that time (at least to my knowledge). Its one of my personal favorite patterns along with the US 6 color dessert camo, even though it wasn't the most effective.

  30. Robert Masina

    Robert Masina

    16 dagen geleden

    That year of 1970, the song War by Edwin Starr was on the charts, remember the line "War, what is it good for absolutely nothing".

  31. shiftyguggs24


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    Why was “paint it black” playing in the back of my head

    • Jamie Mackay

      Jamie Mackay

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      Tour of duty ... What a program

    • Ernest Moulin

      Ernest Moulin

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      I'm hearing it right now after I read that comment!

  32. AceNZ


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    Why did USA gained by this war other than thousands of families and lives destroyed..

  33. chareles john

    chareles john

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    Frag the reporters. They are anti american viet cong sympathizers.

  34. Brock Samson

    Brock Samson

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    Sweaty jungles hehehe

  35. Joey T

    Joey T

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    Poor deviaya id be rattled to

  36. loganbaileysfunwithtrains


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    That guy with the M60 shooting it one handed

  37. Big Lance

    Big Lance

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    When journalists didn't report opinions or stood in front of blue screens.

  38. Chris McGarry

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  39. MadakiNomaroishi


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    Back when the news was real and not fake every single day 👍

  40. matt henderson

    matt henderson

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    What brave jokes did he make?

  41. John Goguen

    John Goguen

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    Nothing funny about dying!!! There shooting knee high, possibly cong hit and run

  42. luis salas gutierrez

    luis salas gutierrez

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    pobres jóvenes seguro que el hijo de algún magnate del petróleo en edad de convatir se librarian

  43. No Chill

    No Chill

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    I'm going to found out what the war was over, but I'm sure it serves the USA right!

  44. Dhehsh Shajja

    Dhehsh Shajja

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    My grandpas older brother In listed in the military thinking he would not go fight in Vietnam until he got the call he would go fight in Vietnam he then didn’t want to go over there so he didn’t show up they then told him either you fight or go to jail so he fought and he got out alive after the war he told me that when he got there it was ate it’s most violent point in the war

  45. Everardo Rodriguez-Antonio

    Everardo Rodriguez-Antonio

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    Wait so the interviews were happening while they were in battle

  46. casper boy

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  47. Tunggul Sujarwo, B.Arch, MBA

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    WTF, ads force to suck my data over and over again. Do you have the same problem folks?

  48. Yash B

    Yash B

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    That 3 purple heart dude looks kinda crazy..laughing at his own jokes

    • Justin Stroud

      Justin Stroud

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      Yash B yeah that’s definitely a sign of being crazy lmao

  49. patrick miller

    patrick miller

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    "Got three purple hearts, I don't need a fourth". Spoken like a true skullf*cking bada**.

  50. iganucas ltu

    iganucas ltu

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    America try to steal rice

  51. Stuart Campbell

    Stuart Campbell

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    The American's had no clue about jungle ware fare....they had no chance against the much more experienced Viet cong.

  52. David Stixx

    David Stixx

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    That bullet @1:57 just missed him.

  53. william coe

    william coe

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    We can't forget that every one of those helicopter pilots are heroes also...they would fly in and we're always a Target... that took some real balls to do what they did.

  54. Chokebron James

    Chokebron James

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    Real life rambos



    28 dagen geleden

    Pura dimensao



    28 dagen geleden

    Deus o livtre.

  57. PatsFan89


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    This is so real and intense, wow. Unbelievable reporting and I can’t express my appreciation and respect to all the men & women who have in the past and still do sacrifice their lives for all of us who haven’t! Thank You!

  58. Fred Jaminson

    Fred Jaminson

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    At the end the reporter is almost whispering like it is a golfing event.

  59. Juvenal Gonzales

    Juvenal Gonzales

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    You us troops and south nam fighters & other allies have a real definition of fear and balls though back in those years God bless yall! that was real truly horrifying yet adaptable situations y'all were involved in to survive nowadays every country is a bunch of pussys tryna nuke each other I'm not with war but it's truly based on fighting, stabbing or shooting battles not human man made extinction bombs I hope war ends and the whole word unifys to advance to a Devine civilization in the whole world

  60. john keogh

    john keogh

    29 dagen geleden

    Is this actually real serious question